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If you love to create music DJUCED 40 offers you the tools to start-up your limitless creativity. This advanced DJ mixing program is addressed to experienced DJs who want to experience a high-performance solution to their DJing skill needs.

I would say that it's at the crossroad of free-time-mixing and performance, therefore I won't recommend it to absolute beginners cause they may be overwhelmed by the program complexity.

Going further, the program includes High-resolution effects engine and Macro FX system, High-resolution audio engine with AutoGain feature, delivering up to 96 kHz/24-bit audio resolution, ensuring crystal-clear sound and flawless rendition of mixes.

You can view loops on complete and enlarged waveforms, synchronize, rearrange and extract them. Enjoy other features like multilayer sampler, dual audio filter, resizable interface or smart mix, auto mix.

The CPU optimisation reduces the CPU consumption in order to avoid dropouts and latency problems. The Computer Mix Out feature allows you to use your laptop’s built-in speakers for practicing or when you can’t be bothered to plug your speakers into your controller. Another cool addition is the POST-FADER FX that stops the Reverb and Delay effects being cut off when using the volume fader. Also, Midi control is faster due to improved communications between DJUCED and controllers. Scratch engine has been reworked, all the supported controllers being re-calibrated.

All in all, this new version is improved, better calibrated offering greater feeling for an intelligent, versatile and passionate music creator.

John Saunders
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  • A fully supported DJ set
  • Has both sync and quantise options
  • Optimized CPU usage


  • Too complicated for a novice user
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